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SWEET Fourth of July Cupcakes! From $48

You'll be a Yankee Doodle SWEETheart with our red white and blue selection! Cupcakes topped with American flags, firework frosting and all things red, white and blue! Available online in quantities of 12 or 16 and in flavor combinations of Vanilla and Chocolate, Red Velvet and Karat, or a seasonal mix.  


Back Bay: 49 Massachusetts Avenue  Boston, MA 02115  617 247 CAKE (2253)
Newbury Street: 225 Newbury Street  Boston, MA 02115  617 267 CAKE (2253)
Harvard Square: Zero Brattle Street  Cambridge, MA 02138  617 547 CAKE (2253)
Downtown: 11 School Street  Boston, MA 02108  617 227 CAKE (2253)

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