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SWEET Ladybug Cupcakes!

Bugging out for the weekend?  Our ladybug cupcakes are a lucky hostess gift!  Choose from a selection of fabulous cupcake flavor combinations and we'll top them off with handmade, hand frosted edible fondant ladybugs and a hand frosted leaf! Packaged in a Sweet box, you'll have to wrestle these cupcakes from your guest's hands!


Back Bay: 49 Massachusetts Avenue  Boston, MA 02115  617 247 CAKE (2253)
Newbury Street: 225 Newbury Street  Boston, MA 02115  617 267 CAKE (2253)
Harvard Square: Zero Brattle Street  Cambridge, MA 02138  617 547 CAKE (2253)
Downtown: 11 School Street  Boston, MA 02108  617 227 CAKE (2253)

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